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IMG_3892Welcome to Say Yes to Travel! If you want to travel–or want to travel more–then this is the place for you. I strongly believe that seeing the world helps us to become better versions of ourselves and is something everyone should do as much as possible.

I know that travel can seem scary, especially without a travel partner or when on a limited budget, but it doesn’t have to be! I’m here to provide the encouragement and motivation for you to take that leap, to buy that plane ticket or jump in the car for a weekend adventure.

I’ll be sharing my experiences as I travel the world, both near and far. You can follow my adventures, learn from my mistakes (because there are bound to be some), and get my tips and tricks for making the most out of life.

I love nature, animals, and volunteering, so I’ll be posting a lot about those topics. If you’re interested in solo female travel or budget-friendly travel, I’ll be covering that as well. And if you’re considering taking an even bigger leap and quitting your job for some extended travel, I have something to say about that too, as that’s how my latest adventure began.

I hope you’ll join me in seeing and experiencing all that this beautiful world has to offer. Remember, if it’s ever a question, Say Yes to Travel.